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NEW! I am now a PostDoc in The Sim Group @ CIMIT/MGH, working on a new open-source medical simulation plateform: SOFA.

I obtained a Ph.D. at Laboratoire Informatique et Distribution with Bruno Raffin about high performance virtual reality using clusters.

I worked a lot on computer graphics as a hobby. See my demo coding page at http://hufo.planet-d.net/ for more information.

From March 2001 to July 2001 I worked on the "Scalable High Performance Virtual Reality" research project, at Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale d'Orléans. For this project I designed Net Juggler, a VR system based on VR Juggler. Net Juggler aims to run VR applications on a PC cluster with common hardware. I also created a software active stereoscopy system implementing genlock between cluster nodes, and a parallel fluid simulation application to demonstrate our system. The results are available on the Net Juggler / SoftGenLock website.

My Ph.D. work extends the previous ideas to more ambitious applications. One goal is to experience in real-time a highly complex virtual environment (in term of visual appearance and simulated objects behaviors) with rich interactions (full-body, realistic coupling between the user and multiple physical-based simulations). To achieve this goal we developed FlowVR, a middleware for large scale virtual reality applications. Please look at the Gallery for recent results of this work.

I also participated on several research projects at the Computer Sciences Dept. at the University of New Orleans: Genetic Algorithms with Dr. Bill Greene, Service Discovery and Mobile Adhoc Routing with Dr. Golden G. Richard III, and time and recursion concepts in visual cellular languages with Dr. Markus Montigel, which was the subject of my master thesis.

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