ASTEC 2009
Workshop/Summer school on Algorithms and Techniques for Scheduling on Clusters and Grids

June, 02 - 05 2009, Centre CNRS "Les Plantiers"

List of topics - Schedule

TUESDAY: Architecture driven parallel program mapping and scheduling

10h - 10h15: Welcome
    10h15 - 12h15: Session. Chairman: Marek Tudruj

    TUESDAY: Pipelined applications

    16h - 17h30: Session. Chairman: Mostafa El Daoudi

    TUESDAY: Scheduling with incertainties

    17h30 - 19h: Session. Chairman: Amine Mahjoub

    WEDNESDAY: Multi-objective scheduling

    9h30 - 11h30: Session. Chairman: Pierre-Francois Dutot

    WEDNESDAY: Scheduling and Packing

    16h30 - 18h30: Session. Chairman: Klaus Jansen

    THURSDAY: Multi-core scheduling

    10h - 12h30: Session. Chairman: Alfredo Goldman

    THURSDAY: New issues in scheduling

    16h30 - 18h30: Session. Chairman: Frederic Wagner

    FRIDAY: Scheduling and Game Theory

    9h - 10h30: Session. Chairman: Denis Trystram

    FRIDAY: Multi-agent scheduling

    11h - 12h30: Session. Chairman: Richard Olejnik