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Athapascan-0 : A Parallel Programming Environment

Introduction Athapascan-0 is a multi-threaded, portable, parallel programming runtime system, designed to support efficient processing of large irregular problems. It is used as the lower layer of Athapascan-1, a parallel programming interface using function precedence graphs and load balancing.  It is also used as the programming layer for applications in Molecular Dynamics and PED resolvers. Click here to get more informations.
History You can find here a brief history of  the Athapascan project.
Documentation You can find here some papers and thesis realized by our team. Athapascan-0 manuals can be found here also.
Current Supported Systems Athapascan -0 is available in many operating systems, using differents MPI implementations and  threads libraries. Click here to see the list of porting and tested systems.
Download You can get Athapascan-0 here.
People Many people worked and still work on Athaspascan-0. To know them click here.
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