Scheduling Algorithms for new Emerging Applications

May, 29th - June, 2nd 2006, CIRM, Marseille, France


The objective of this seminar is to discuss the scheduling problems which occur when using parallel and distributed computer (and manufacturing) systems, especially in emerging research areas such as heterogeneous systems, cluster computing, computational models, multi-criteria analysis, scheduling under incertainties, etc. The main goal is to discuss various algorithmic techniques applied in the area of scheduling taking into account communications. The contributions should cover the state of the art in any aspect of the subject, which has recently found increasing interest in many applications such as parallel and distributed processing.

Talks will be 30 minutes long, including questions. During the seminar participants will exchange new ideas and results and discuss new developments in the area of scheduling with communications. If enough people are interested, we will propose to the participants to submit their contributions to a special issue of a high-quality international journal (to be fixed later).

International Program Committee

Michael Bender, Jacek Blazewicz, Klaus Ecker, Erwin Pesch and Denis Trystram.


The workshop will take place in a very nice resort in the south of France, close to Cassis, in the "Calanques" (Chateau du CIRM in Luminy-Marseille).



All participants who are on the participants list are invited, and are guaranteed to have a room at the CIRM center. However, please note that there will not be enough single rooms for everyone. Registration details will be handled by the Housing Center of the CIRM, who will contact participants directly as soon as we have a complete list.

If your name is not on the list, and if you feel that it should be, do not hesitate to contact the local organizers: Denis Trystram and Lionel Eyraud.

Attendance to the whole week is warmly encouraged. However, if you will not be able to attend the whole conference, please inform us of your arrival and departure dates, so that we can plan a schedule of the talks accordingly.

Acces to the conference

All details can be found on the CIRM website. Please follow the instructions (a French version is also available).


Hosted by ID-IMAG, contact Lionel Eyraud